American Medical Association

Healing Digital Health Headaches:
Bridging the divide between medicine and innovation

Hosted by: American Medical Association

October 27, 2019: 9:00am – 12:00pm

The digital landscape of health is rapidly evolving with emerging technologies bringing renewed hope for solving some of the most vexing challenges in medicine including soaring costs, the proliferation of chronic diseases, systemic health inequities, shortage of caregivers, low patient engagement, and physician burnout.

Despite the promise of digital health, and the billions of dollars invested, it’s difficult to find evidence-based solutions that have demonstrated the ability to improve both the patient and physician experience, lower costs, and secure better health outcomes.

The AMA, along with leaders in digital health, will highlight the emerging trends in medical technology and innovation, including the rise and application of AI and the crucial role physicians can – and should – play in the design and development of new digital tools that offer tremendous potential to solve medicines most vexing challenges.

  • Dr. James Madara, CEO, American Medical Association
  • Larry Cohen, CEO, Health2047
  • Doug Given, Managing Partner, Health2047 Capital Partners LLC