Who's attending

Join key representatives across the healthcare ecosystem as they connect on new trends and strategies that will continue to innovate and improve the quality of health care.

Payers & Providers

For payers, the future is uncertain. Whether payers will be able to grow through mergers or market expansions is unclear. The means to hold health care spending down to manageable levels remains elusive. Join the payers at HLTH that will share best practices and identify those who are achieving profitability in this increasingly unsettled environment.

New trends and business models are rapidly transforming the ways consumers and their providers engage. HLTH will be the place to hear about these new innovations, meet the people driving the discussion and learn about solutions assisting tomorrow’s providers today.

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Employers are aggressively reevaluating their health strategies. With the tremendous advancements in employee engagement technologies, the application of smart data, and through more convenient and affordable health services, employers are seeking to identify, select and apply solutions and services that will result in more productive employees at a lower price tag.

HLTH, in collaboration with Mercer, will introduce new consumer-centric health products, services and business models that will reduce costs and provide improved health for today’s workers, their families and their dependents. To learn more about the HLTH Employer Program click here.

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Over 200 venture capital and private equity firms engaged at HLTH 2018. HLTH is the new “go to” event in the health industry and the forum to find the latest innovations, forward thinking disruptors and new technologies. Investors seeking introductions to health startups of all stages should take a serious look at the opportunities HLTH 2019 presents onsite at the MGM Grand.

Investors can participate in Funding Founders, a networking program that introduces investors and startups. We anticipate that HLTH 2019 will generate over 1,500 meetings. To learn more please click here.


Startups are playing a critical role in the future of health. HLTH encourages industry disruptors with an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the latest in health tech solutions, products and platforms. HLTH offers startup programs for qualifying companies, including a startup pitch contest, special exhibiting packages and 1:1 meetings with investors through our Funding Founders program.

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HLTH is continuing to define the future of pharma by highlighting growing pharma trends, showcasing promising pharma startups, and recognizing proven pharma therapies. What can pharma offer to address the smart use – or misuse – of precision medicine?

Pharma executives attending HLTH will be exposed to disruptors from across the health ecosystem seeking to address the negative impacts of drug use and the high cost of medications, while embracing the promises of biological-based drugs and precision medicine.

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The ACA is being hotly debated across political aisles. States are feeling the pressure to manage Medicaid and issues have arisen around diminishing quality care, increased aging population and misaligned financial objectives. Potential solutions to these and other concerns in government health programs aren’t easy to diagnosis. At HLTH, forward-thinking experts will lend their voice and their vision on how to address the unsustainable cost of government programs, the shifting subsidized membership pools and the ongoing changes to the ACA. 

HLTH invites leaders from U.S. Government organizations to listen, learn and carry the torches of health innovation to health policy and health services transformation.

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Associations & Organizations

Health associations and organizations are championing a multitude of health initiatives by harnessing health constituents focused on: improving health quality and health outcomes; aligning today’s siloed health interests; advocating for shared health standards; pleading for more progressive health policies; and making investments in modern health capabilities.

HLTH affords associations and organizations the opportunity to more effectively and intimately communicate with and collaborate across the many stakeholders of health and find common grounds for working together to advance health services, systems, solutions, and policies that benefit us all. Register today!

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