Moving Innovation and Leadership Beyond More Than Just Buzzwords

October 30, 2019: 12:00 – 3:00pm

Hosted by: HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) in collaboration with the Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP), and Workgroup Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI)

“Innovation” and “leadership” are buzzwords often bandied about as healthcare organizations strive to transform themselves into consumer-focused, digitally enabled organizations. Yet healthcare has historically lagged other industries in implementing the innovation and technology necessary to transition to the 21st century.  There are fundamental leadership challenges healthcare systems need to address to build trust, collaboration, and cooperation as an ecosystem.
Building on last year’s HLTH roundtable session “Leadership, Trust & Skills in Overcoming Obstacles to Radical Innovation in Healthcare,” this collaboration of associations provides an opportunity to understand and address the leadership precursors to real innovation, how to overcome barriers to lasting change and to see what healthcare leaders must do to transform healthcare as they implement emerging technologies like AI, edge-computing, and robotic process automation. 
This session examines how healthcare executives can accelerate innovation and lead the digital transformation of their organizations with more effective communication, collaboration, teamwork, and culture; and open the door to truly innovative transformation and change. In an interactive and open discussion environment, thought leaders and attendees will discuss:
  • How the digital revolution makes leadership, transformation and innovation more challenging, especially for healthcare organizations transitioning to a consumer-centric focus
  • Identify hidden barriers that keeps leaders from creating a workplace culture that supports long-term success and leading-edge technologies
  • Examine how personal success factors (expertise, knowledge, technical skills) may actually distort leadership’s ability to see problems clearly and truthfully over time
  • Learn how to create greater organizational accountability and collaboration to unleash expertise and innovation
  • Approaches to adopting the values required for digital transformation while recognizing the value of legacy businesses
  • Learn some of the most important ways to promote and support innovation, change and transformation in your organization
  • Ferris Taylor, Executive Director, HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG)
  • Lynn Hanessian, Chief Strategist, Edelman Health representing Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)
  • Dr. Deleys Brandman, Panelist from International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP)
  • Charles Stellar, President & CEO, Workgroup Electronic Data Interchange, (WEDI)
  • Jason Woo, MD, MPH, FACOG – Medical Officer, US Public Health Service and Founder, Learning Core Leadership Through Service (Consultant to Abringer Institute)
  • Dr. Sunnie Giles, President of Quantum Leadership Group and author of “The New Science of Radical Innovation”
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