Hosted Buyer

Hosted Buyer

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HLTH’s Hosted Buyer Program is a curated networking event, where qualified buyers and influencers from established payers, providers, employers, pharmaceutical and government engage with our sponsors. A Hosted Buyer agrees to a minimum of (8) face-to-face 15-minute meetings with our participating sponsors (that’s just 2 hours of your time at HLTH).

Complimentary Tickets:

No budget required for all qualified applicants

Hosted Buyer meetings are arranged via a mutual opt-in process in order to maximize the effectiveness of meetings between parties.

Qualifications for Hosted Buyer Program

  • Be responsible for buying or evaluating health technologies or solutions for their company
  • Agree to 8 (15-minute) onsite meetings with HLTH’s participating sponsors.
  • Attend all scheduled meetings
  • Provide accurate information that allows HLTH to arrange mutually beneficial meetings
  • Prepare in advance for scheduled meetings
  • Provide post-event feedback on each meeting (HLTH also solicits post-event feedback from participating sponsors, which is used to determine eligibility for future Hosted Buyer Programs)

NOTE: The spirit of the Hosted Buyer Program is meant for qualified buyers and influencers who are decision makers. It is not meant for solution providers, startups or investors.