Agenda Themes

Health Policy Showcase
Learn how HLTH and United States of Care are teaming up to discuss the access of affordable coverage for all Americans.
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Patient Engagement
MedCity ENGAGE features innovators from across the health consumer ecosystem exposing innovations in care delivery, reimbursement, and health tech.
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Employer Program
HLTH and Mercer team up to bend trends, curb costs and bust distrust in the future of employer-sponsored health.
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Table Talks
HLTH hosts engaging executive-level discussions on how to tackle health’s biggest challenges and harness health’s greatest opportunities!
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Our sessions cover everything from social determinants of health to precision medicine to mental and behavioral health – as well as highlighting the voice of policymakers, patients, employers and voice technology in healthcare. Choose from 18 tracks filled with 100+ sessions for countless opportunities to learn and discuss the most pressing problems facing healthcare today to continue on the path of creating the future of health.

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Bold New Entrants

Boundaries defining the health industry are receding as retail, banking and finance, transportation, and other industries are advancing into the health space. What megatrends can we expect as a result of this blurring of industries, and who is taking the lead in reshaping how health needs get recognized, how health care is provided, and how health money flows?

Chronic Condition Crisis icon

Chronic Condition Crisis

Where does it hurt? Everywhere! We are afflicted from head to toe and desperate for innovations that ease our chronics. Learn how ingenuity, technology, and tenacity can provide preventative care and condition management to our disease-plagued populations.

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Communities at the Crossroads of Health

Community meets compassion meets commission - continuously! From altruistic to activistic to holistic to optimistic. All across America, local, state and federal entities are aligning geographically and sociologically to organize health services and resources around the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).

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Cooking Up Winning Care Models

Payers, providers, and employers continue to concoct care models intended to serve up blue ribbon health. The right ingredients, along with well-designed modus operandi, can achieve controlled costs and quality health outcomes.

Bend Trend. Curb Cost. Bust Distrust.

HLTH and Mercer collaborate to forge the future of employer-sponsored health. The HLTH Employer Program explores emerging employer benefit plan innovations, exposes emerging technologies that hold the opportunity to generate sustainable change, and showcases solutions shaping the future of health: employer-led and consumer-centric. Learn More.

ENGAGE at HLTH will feature speakers discussing the current attempts to innovate in care delivery and reimbursement, along with the tech innovations driven, in part, by the consumerization trend in healthcare. Learn More.

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Fringes of Health Science

They’re coming! Hovering at the perimeters, are cutting-edge health innovations on the verge of becoming new norms in health science, solutions, and services. Find out where they are taking us!

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What does AI want to be when it grows up? Just about anything we can imagine it to be! As artificial intelligence matures, the health ecosystem is maximizing opportunities to apply AI to uncover health intelligence, steer health decisions, recognize health opportunities, and revolutionize health operations.

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Healthy Debates

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”, Mike Tyson. These presenters are willing to verbally duke it out when it comes to the best approaches to advancing health care to the next round. See who will get up off the ropes and fight to the finish to improve health?

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Human-Centered Care

Catching up to the unique desires and needs of each individual is where these forward-thinking health trailblazers are heading. Who is meeting consumers where they’re at and achieving loyalty royalty in providing human-centered care?

Mental and Behavioral Bridges to Health icon

Mental and Behavioral Bridges to Health

The relationship between emotional and physical well-being has been established. What’s not established is fully incorporating mental health into the workstream of managing and monitoring overall health. Let’s get ahead of and ahold of addictions and mood disorders before they get ahold of us!

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Transformation?

Investments in health solutions have never been hotter. Hotter still is what you’ll learn listening to those who are succeeding in using their capital to drive mo’ improvements in health outcomes and mo’ reductions in health costs!

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Precision Medicine

There’s nothing vague about health solutions designed precisely to tailor disease prevention, detection, and treatment for the right patient at the right time. Get to know these innovators, who are developing exactly what we need to heed disease or to get healthy.

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Relief Renaissance

Less invasive products, technologies, and solutions are rising up and providing new paths to managing pain, easing anxiety, and increasing our overall well-being. Smart apps are changing behaviors, digital therapeutics are supplementing - and even replacing - pills, cannabis is easing ills, and foods are feeding better health. Prepare and plan for the new age of care treatment!

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Taking Care of Business

Smarter, cheaper, faster. Whether running operations more efficiently, reaching customers more effectively, or ensuring that our health systems are safe and secure, speakers in these sessions get down to the business of how to amortize innovations to futurize health organizations.

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Tech Detecting, Connecting and Affecting Health

We are past being enamored, we are now a technically-enabled society, ready, willing and able to embrace the latest cool tech, including blockchain, machine learning, and 5G, that will add intelligence and convenience to our daily lives. Welcome to the health industry, smart tech - where will you take us next?

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The Voice.HLTH track will explore the impact of voice technology in healthcare — from clinical efficiencies to patient experience and even diagnostics — through immersive experiences and industry-leading speakers.

United States of Care presents experts and innovators who are striving to Form a More Perfect(ly Healthy) Union as they offer long-lasting, non-partisan solutions to increase access to affordable health care. Against the backdrop of a transformative moment in our country’s health care system, we will unlock the confusing policy path and decisions necessary for improving health affordability, access and value for all. We will reveal the inherent political and economic challenges standing in the way of meaningful health care reform. Learn more.