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Funding Founders

Startups and Investors Only

Funding Founders is a series of 6-minute meetings that match startup founders with VC investors. The ‘speed-dating’ format maximizes the number of meetings for VCs and startups, and will take place in two 1-hour sessions on Monday, May 7 and Tuesday, May 8 from 7:30 am to 8:30 am.


All meetings are 6-minutes and match startup founders with VC Investors

HLTH facilitates 1:1 meetings, which is open only to registered HLTH attendees

All meetings are double opt-in, therefore, HLTH cannot guarantee all meetings

Funding Founders Application

Our Funding Founders Program for HLTH 2019 is not open yet. Please direct all questions on this program to info@hlth.com. We look forward to seeing you October 27-30, 2019 in Las Vegas.

Funding Founders Application

If you’re a registered startup founder or VC interested in participating, complete the form below to apply:
NOTE: we will reject all applications that are not from registered attendees.